Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Hmmm...what's that I'm feeling?

The first day I suspected I was pregnant was August 15th, 2005. We had just spent the last night of Tom and Pat's visit in Sapporo. We got up early to drive them to the airport in Chitose and all I could think about was getting them to the airport and getting us home. I woke feeling not quite myself and really tired. We had a whirlwind visit with Tom and Pat so I figured the last 5 or so weeks were just catching up with me.

After tearful good-byes at the airport Sean and I went into Chitose to do some shopping and have lunch. We then embarked on a new route home with the idea of an adventure appealing a wee bit more to Sean than myself. I didn't reveal this to him at the time 'cause I figured I'd snap out of my funk once we hit the road. The drive was indeed lovely. The road wound thru rice paddies and over deep valleys with shallow jade rivers. We stopped in Bitori to visit the temple and take some photo's. And then the rain started. Back on the road we encountered restless, black clouds heavy with rain. The deeper we ventured into the mountains the harder the rain pelted our car. This is when I started to feel sick. I willed that car throught sheets of rain and flooding streets. The windshield wipers were wildly wiping but it seemed to do little good. Past motorcycles and cars pulled to the side of the road and through intersections under 10 cm of water I thought of nothing else but getting home. The rain stopped just before Hidaka and when we turned right onto the main drag I thought of two things. The sunshine seems so golden after all that blackness and I'm pregnant. That was Monday.

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