Monday, April 19, 2010

Dear Sickness,

You have consumed one Friday night and an entire weekend with your evil congestion, headache, fever and tiredness.  You have 22 hours to leave my body before I start ignoring you and continue getting on with my life.


Nancy O'

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

"Mom, why didn't you take any pictures of me when I was three?"

Ok folks, I have once again misplaced the power cord for my beloved Sanyo mommy camera.  I bought it in Japan and it's tiny, cute (naturally) terribly convenient and I'm so emotionally attached to the damn thing that I'm reticent to replace it.  I actually can't remember the last time I recharged it which means that it's been months upon months since I've taken a photo of Keenan.  If you have any unrecognizable Sanyo power cords kicking around your abode could you please let me know otherwise I may have to force myself to buy a new camera.

P.S. Could someone please invent a one size fits all types of devices no matter what brand they are cord?

Monday, April 05, 2010

Introducing....the Easter Bunny!

Yesterday was the first time Keenan experienced the magic of the Easter Bunny!  When I put him to bed on Saturday night I told him that he was not to go downstairs on Sunday morning until he woke us up first.  Sean and I watched a movie and at 1:30 in the morning we stashed chocolate eggs all over the house including in our bedroom and Keenan's.  He woke up the next morning totally unawares of what was to come and when he climbed into bed with us I started to spin the tale of the Easter Bunny that came and hid treats in our house in the middle of the night.  He was a little disbelieving at first but all his skeptic notions dissolved when I pointed out the first two hidden eggs in our room.  We went to his room and found another egg balanced on the doorknob of his closet door and I pointed out that his window was open a crack.  "Keenan, the Easter Bunny must have come in your bedroom window last night".  With eyes as big as saucers a low and slow "yaaaaah" crept from his lips.  After that, it was totally on!  He was all "daddy, daddy look what the Easter Bunny brought me!" and then the speculation and scenario's kicked in.   "Maybe him come in my window, ohhh that's not safe...maybe's he's really tall...maybe he must be very tiny to be soooo quiet, he didn't even wake us up and he was right in our bedrooms!"  Then I showed him his Easter basket in the sunroom off our bedroom.  It was a mind blowing event!  Again, the windows were open and we considered how in the hairy heck a bunny could drag a basket up through a second floor window.  "Maybe he can jump really high?"

He opened his basket and then we emptied it out so we could hunt more eggs.  First we had to wait for Sean to get dressed so Keenan and I camped out on the stairs.  He spotted an egg in between the spindles of the railing and his eyes just filled with wonderment.  It was really fun to watch him run around and seek out the eggs.  Even Sean the grump got into it!  At one point Keenan was so consumed with the hunt that he couldn't see the eggs that were right in front of his eyes. We gave him hints on where to look which we all really enjoyed.  I have very clear memories from my childhood of feeling just like he did.  Mom would be making breakfast, my dad would be in the big chair and my sister's would be telling me I was getting hotter or colder as I tried in near uncontrollable excitement to find every last egg.

Throughout out the day I would raid his Easter basket and "re-hide" some of the eggs.  He got so excited every time he found another.  At this point I have no idea how many eggs we hid but I know for a fact there are at least 3 he hasn't spotted yet.  A little bit of fun reserved for another day so long as Sean doesn't find them first!