Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Yesterday was another first for our son. He hit me with his first...
Why mommy?
Here we go. God. Help. Us.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Happy Anniversary Poopy

Here we are. Eight whole years into our marriage. Most recently I've been feeling pretty blah about my life. I'm simply feeling fairly uninspired these days. It took Sean to point out that we've seen a lot of fantastic places, met a ton of great folks and learned a great deal about our selves since we've been on this matrimonial adventure. And now the pace is changing. Pretty much since we've gotten married we've been planning the move to somewhere else in the short term or we've been in travel mode. Only now after a year of "settling down" am I starting to feel like I've stepped off the roller coaster. As always Sean is there beside me to take those first few steps onto unexplored and sometimes frightening ground. Sure I'll admit sometimes I push him or maybe he drags me kicking and screaming but in the end we get where we were going holding hands. And that's the best part, the holding hands I mean and of course snuggling and smooching.

So I found an actual copy of this photo in a bunch of boxes I was going thru this past weekend. It's not a particulariy good photo, kind of grainy, a little too bright and it's not really in focus either. But it's the mood I love. Sean is by far the most moody person I've ever met and on this particular day Sean woke up with the most heartbreaking case of melancoly I've ever witnessed. We were staying at Mike and Claire's in Vancouver for a few days and we had just returned from 3 months in Mexico, Sean woke up with a bit of a cold and we were alone. We were suffering from reverse culture shock and overnight, sadness had crept into our very souls. We spent the morning crying and talking about our time away and vowed we'd return to Mexico and continue our adventures to other parts of the world. I took this photo somewhere in the middle of our conversation and tears and it's always just been my favorite shot of Sean.

Thanks for being so tender hearted my sweet. I love you very dearly and can't wait for the next adventure.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Eiko-chan of Memuro!

If you read this please email me and let me know if you have another email address. I get a message that says your mail box is full when I try to email you!