Monday, August 03, 2009

The farm

We're on our first paid vacation since we arrived back in Canada a little over two years ago. At present we're at the family farm just outside of Melfort, Saskatchewan. It's a lovely wide open place. I felt my soul expand the moment I stepped out of the airport. The canola and flax are currently in bloom and present themselves as broad bands of yellow and blue that march quietly into the distance. I love the long views and watching the weather rolling in from afar. Speaking of weather, the rain seemed to follow us from Ottawa. It's rained everyday but we're making the best of it. We've picked a good load of Saskatoon berries and have made a few batches of jam, we've explored abandoned churches, had a birthday dinner for Sean's grandmother and have done a lot of visiting and just plain ole sitting around and gabbing.

We bought a 6 person "family tent" just before we left Ottawa and thankfully Keenan is having a great time camping out in the yard every night. He's grown very fond of his kid sized North Face sleeping bag and every night he snuggles his totally pooped-out self into it's cocoon like warmth.

We're heading into Saskatoon on Wednesday to check out the big city and do some shopping. Time truly seems to slow down here. I really can't believe we still have almost a week of vacation left. On that note I'm going to head outside as the sun is shining and likely won't be for long.