Friday, January 06, 2006

Belly button spotted where one hasn’t been seen in at least 2 decades

I can see the “button” in my belly! I haven’t seen it in years. It’s so friggin’ deep and well honestly it has been nicely tucked between a pair of quabbles for quite some time. Wish I could celebrate with a nice glass of wine!

Switching sides

So I'm now up to peeing twice a night. You'd think with all these years of evolution behind us the female body would have figured out how to deal with the decreasing space that is alotted to the bladder in the 2nd and 3rd trimesters. The dexterity of the human thumb has adapted to the Game Boy in less than 20 years after all. Personally I view this as just training for the reality that I'll be getting up several times and at all hours of the night for feedings in less than four months.

The layout of our bedroom requires that the foot and one side of the bed be up against the wall. The night table is wedged between the head of our bed and the wall. My preferred side of the bed has been against the wall since it's so cosy and the glare from the heater doesn't keep me up all night. That side of the bed is also the furthest from the door and requires that I climb over a sleeping Sean in the middle of the night to do my business. The night before last was my first two pee night and by the time I had to get up for the second pee I was not too genki and had a bit of trouble getting me arse to the toilet in time. So last night Sean and I switched sides. It is something that was in my future anyways as the wee nipper is going to have to sleep on the "no wall" side of the bed and I'm planning on being the food source. It was a little sad and a little exciting but most of all it was just as cosy and Sean positioned the heater so that I didn't feel like I was staring at the rising sun through my eye lids.

For your enjoyment and astonishment here are the measurements of our bedroom...

Bedroom 2.5 m x 2 m
Bed 140 cm x 2 m
Table 60 cm x 30 cm
Door allowance 85 cm x 85 cm (door opens INTO the room, friggin' tres stupido)
Remainder 168 cm x 87 cm (for heater, to get dressed and baby bed)

Not such a roomy room ne? But it's still cosy!

Thursday, January 05, 2006

A bit of Mommy & Daddy time before Mommy and Daddy time hits

Never ending goodness!
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Sean and I just finished our last vacation as "a couple sans children". We had a great time and it was really wonderful to just be together. We had wanted to leave Japan and go somewhere hot for Christmas again but I didn't feel too good about leaving the comforts of home and hospital at the midpoint of our pregnancy. So I finally convinced Sean into a 5 night vacation in Sapporo and all the snowboarding he could do all season long. Snowboarding is out for me this year as I'm a bit too far along. So I hang out in the lodge, go for walks and write blog posts!

Sapporo was wonderful. It snowed everyday and it was truly magical at times. We lounged in Starbuck's for at least an hour every morning with such beverages in hand as Gingerbread latte, Creme Brulee latte and Valencia Orange mocha. We spent our days walking thru the snow, shopping, eating lunch along the way, visiting bakeries and marvelling at the crowds. Christmas is not celebrated here like it is in the west. Part of the oddness of Christmas here is that people eat fried chicken and a fancy cake for dinner. The line-ups at the bakeries were simply insane. This visit to Sapporo was more human intensive than our visit Tokyo and Kyoto this summer. We went out for dinner every night (Indian, Mexican, Asian fusion, Thai and 1 night of fast food) and then usually crashed into bed by 7:30 or 8 to watch ridiculous Japanese programs or whatever foreign film was being offered up.

We returned to Obihiro and lounged around our pad for a couple of days and Sean got a few days of snowboarding in at Nukabira as well. Sean hooked up our newly purchased DVD player and we spent our evenings watching rented DVD's. We learned that washing your car is "the" thing to do on New Year's Eve in Japan. There were line ups around the block for most car wash joints. We spent the wee hours of New Year's Day at the Obihiro Shinto Shrine where we said a short prayer on the top step of the Shrine. Then we both literally rang in the New Year on the big bronze bell on the grounds at the Buddhist Temple near our apartment. We spent the evening of our last day in great conversation with our friend Keiko who had made an amazing meal.

If you're pregnant or thinking about having kids I strongly suggest you find the time and money to do this kind of thing with your partner. Just get away and enjoy doing things with your honey. You won't regret it.