Sunday, November 28, 2010

Mo' money needed to bring back this baby face!

There's only a couple more days to donate money to Sean's Movember campaign! Sean is raising funds and awareness for Prostate Cancer research by growing an increasingly horrifying mustache. He's also let his goatee, sideburns and the hair on his head grow wild for the month of "Movember". It looks like he's wearing an assortment of wild mammals all about his head!
He just needs another $50 in donations and he'll shave the whole lot off and keep it off for 4 months! Come on folks, head on over to Sean's MoSpace page via the link below and drop a few bucks for the cause!  If for nothing else give for that sexy dimple we never get to see anymore!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Using the Lord's name in 4 years old...

At an ultrasound appointment last wasn't going well...Keenan was not impressed with being held down by myself and Sean while Gerry, the ultrasound tech was desperately trying to take some images...
"Jesus Gerry, Gerry Jesus, Gerry please turn off the computer, Jesus Gerry"
 Gerry was a really nice guy and great at his job but it soon became pretty clear that he deeply regretted his attempt at making Keenan feel at ease by using the whole "we're on a first name basis so you can trust me" tactic.

 Then today, after a visit to the doctor, we're back at home...Keenan has had enough of doctors, medicine, coughing, his fever and just wants cuddles on the couch and simply won't tolerate anything but my complete unwavering attention...
"Mom, this is a Jesus Crisis and I'm NOT going to wait for you to go to the bathroom before I get my cuddles."
 Thank Jesus for my high capacity bladder.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Double, Triple even Quadruple your Dutch!

I love my people!  Check out what Onderwater, a little bike company out of Holland has been up to.

Makes me want to have 2 more kids before next summer!