Saturday, October 24, 2009

Rambling 3

Our friends Ghis, Heather and Morgane have taken a year off to travel North America. Reading about their adventures has awoken my wanderlust. Follow their journey too.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

I see you had corn for lunch today

Sean took Keenan to the park right after we picked him up from daycare today. I dropped them off on the way home. I was home for about 20 minutes when I remembered the conversation we had with our daycare provider about Keenan's poop in the toilet success at daycare today...

"he pooped in the toilet today, started out as a pee and ended in a poop!"
"wow, great job Keenan, has he been without a diaper all day?"
"yup, he's in underpants right now even"

...oh God. Keenan went off to the park with Sean totally diaperless and he has been less than forthcoming with us when it comes to admitting his need to use the toilet. Two things were certain; 1)There's no way in hell Keenan could go an hour without using the toilet and 2)If he does have to go while they're at the park he won't tell Sean. For a brief moment I entertained driving over to the park and then I became preoccupied with making dinner and forgot. Within 15 minutes they were at the front door. Keenan's jeans were darker in the front from his crotch to the ankles. Oh shit. And then I smelled it.

"did you poop your pants?"

It amazes me how kids think they can get away with that kind of response to that particular question when they stink to high heaven and their underpants are loaded. I cleaned up the abundant and mostly undigested grossness and then Sean scrubbed down our child in the bathtub. We finally sat down to dinner and had a great time together.

Later in the evening we were rewarded with "I have to poop in the toilet!" followed immediately by "hurry!". I grabbed that kid and flew up the stairs. We fumbled getting the pants and diaper off but we did get his butt on the seat for the majority of the event! Finally, a happy ending.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Multi surface poop event

Just in case you didn't already know, poop doesn't stain walls. It is also easily wiped from ceramic tile and hardwood. Cotton/nylon blend pants (mine not his) and carpet are a bit more of a challenge and require a little extra scrubbing. Recommended cleaning agent: Lysol Fresh Orange scent 4 in 1 spray. It kills 99.9% of the germs and the pleasant odor inhibits your gag reflex.

Sorry Tom and Pat for pretty much having to hang up on you tonight. Just think, only five more sleeps until you're here!