Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Keenan called me Sweetheart today. It was the loveliest thing ever. I love you too Sweetheart.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Go Go Gohan!

Yay! We made rice for dinner tonight and to quote Goldilocks, "it was just right"! Three years of cooking rice in a rice cooker in Japan killed our stove top rice cooking skills. In utter disappointment we've actually not eaten home made rice in our home since we've been back from the land of "Sugoi! My rice cooker makes banana loaf, pudding, stew, bread and perfect veggies." From here on out it's gonna be a gohan hodai at the O'Flanagans!

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Halloween 2009

We had a great Halloween. Etienne and Erin came by just before 5pm. Erin we miss you and hope you have a good trip back to Tokyo! Then Mark and Gill came by about half an hour later. We had cupcakes and made some hot drinks fortified with yummy Starbucks coffee liquor (thanks Mark and Gill!). Sharon and Paul came by to see Keenan decked out in his costume. We ate cupcakes (Yay! More cupcakes!) and waxed on about the new offerings from Apple. Around 6 pm we hit the neighborhood streets with Mark, Gill, our beverages, the trailer as back up vehicle and a slightly apprehensive Keenan decked out as a shark! It took about two houses for him to get a grip on the concept of trick or treating. After that, there was no stopping him from running door to door. In about a block I think he realized his treat bag was slowing him down and I became the bag lady. Shortly thereafter we convinced him to growl when people opened the door. Not long after that he rounding out the package by adopting the stick-machine gun accompanied by his realistic machine gun sound affects! It was Keenan tv at it's finest! About a block before Leslie-Anne's Keenan retreated to the 3 wheeled comfort of his trailer. We did a few more houses, Leslie-Anne's was the second last and then we swung by Dovercourt for a bit of jumping in the bouncy castle and a turn through their maze It was a fantastic night. Marc and Gill were with us for the whole event and Marc was so overcome by cuteness that he proclaimed they were going to home to make a kid of their own! Keenan got a good haul of treats and he went sleepily off to bed with a few in his tummy. This morning he asked us if there was going to be trick or treating again tonight. He doesn't yet understand the concept of "next year" so I suspect we'll be getting that question every day until Christmas!