Thursday, March 16, 2006

Boobs, can they really get that big?

So last week I put in my nursing bra order with my sister Jose in Ottawa. They’re on they’re way here via Airmail and I’m secretly hoping the package gets opened in Japanese customs. The cup size alone would inspire fantasies amongst the men and envy amongst the women in that building for years to come!

There’s no chance in hell I could find a nursing bra here that would fit me. At least not on Hokkaido anyways. I checked in Sapporo and the biggest were 20 cm too short around the body. The cups went up to a small looking DD and were padded of all friggin’ things! So when I went to Ottawa this past fall I was fitted and taught the secrets to proper bra measurement so I could guesstimate my post delivery size at about 7 months. By my calculations I’ll be a 40 DDD within the first two weeks after delivering the baby. It seems huge to me but I’m almost a full 40 DD at this point. When I was figuring out my size I was running back and forth between the boob measuring instructions written out by the maternity shop, the back up instructions I Googled on the computer and the mirror. I used to be a 38 C now I’ll be able to use my bra’s to launch canon balls across the Pacific! Sean is of course excited beyond words!

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