Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Meet Jessyca!

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Jess is a good friend of ours and is going to be helping us out with the delivery of the Kid. Sean, Jess and I have gone to Prenatal classes together and between the 3 of us we're slowly unraveling the mysteries of having a child in Japan! Jess is very proficient in the Japanese language so she's also acting as our translator which has turned out to be very helpful and heaps of fun at the same time. There are even talks of team t-shirts with matching gloves for "Launch Day"! The 3 of us get along like a house on fire and I'm sure we've been labeled the "giggling foreigners" by the staff at the hospital. We were late (meaning right on time) for our classes and then we would have hushed giggling fits over some of the translations of the process and procedure of child birth in this country. At least we didn't fall asleep during the meditation portion of the class like half of the other moms!

We're so grateful to have Jess by our side during this part of our life. It's very comforting to have someone we care about so much as our cheering section, emotional backup and language discombobulator! Thanks Jess, you're the bestest!

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