Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Don’t try this at home

Tums + Cadbury Mini Eggs + Bounty Bars = Constipation

I’ve discovered the above combination of indigestion relief and treats from home cause me a considerable amount of discomfort!

First off, the Tums. I’ve had a nasty case of bedtime heartburn for the past month. No amount of home remedies, pillows or change to my diet seemed to help the situation. So Sean and I headed to the pharmacy to see if we could rustle up something that we recognized to be for heartburn relief. No such luck. We did however luck out with the pharmacist although for a limited time only. The lucky part was that he spoke English. The unlucky part was that when I had the remedy, which, even appeared to be herbal in my hot little hands I asked him if it was safe for me to use while pregnant. He said that he couldn’t sell it to me and that I had to go see my doctor for all medications during pregnancy. I could feel a “aw you gotta be F’n kidding me” rant coming on so we left immediately. When we got home I emailed our friend Alixe from Obihiro who just happened to be home in Edmonton for a visit and requested that she locate, buy and bring me the biggest bottle of fruity Tums she could get her hands on! Alixe is without a doubt my hero! She brought me the biggest bottle of Tums I’ve ever seen along with lots of treats, vitamins and a tube of Preparation H just in case!

Now for the Cadbury Mini Eggs and Bounty Bars. I got those in the Friday parcels from my sister. I love both and the problem with them not existing in Japan is that once they arrive in your apartment they’re pretty hard to leave alone no matter how well they are concealed behind the cupboard doors and on the topmost shelf. So I overindulged a bit which most likely didn’t help my nighttime heartburn in any way!

So here I am eating way too much chocolate during the day and taking the Tums at night. Basically making concrete in my guts. There’s likely no need that I describe what I went through much further except to say that this is a pooh story that didn’t result in any “poohing” over the course of several days. Thank goodness I was home when “things started to move along”. May you all learn from my mistakes!

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