Saturday, April 01, 2006

It’s all about the liquids

Nothing is wasted on me more than the tabehodai (all-you-can-eat restaurant) at this point. For the last couple of weeks the baby has been snuggled with it’s head rammed tightly under my ribs to the right of my sternum. This makes me feel like I have a ball joint on the top of my belly and leaves about a tablespoons worth of room for my stomach. If I eat two halves of a sandwich right now I need Sean to help me get up (our table is J-style so we eat dinner sitting on the floor). So I’ve found myself thinking more about soups and every manner of beverage. Fruit and yoghurt shakes are the big deal for me right now. This is definitely the land of yummy soups so there’s lots of places to eat good ramen or udon and I’m always up for attempting a new soup recipe at home. The down side to all of this is that I can’t be too far away from a bathroom for longer than an hour. Whenever we go out I have to stop and think about our route and destination and map out the toilets along the way. This is always complicated by the “nasty washroom stink syndrome” that plagues this country. There’s something about the smell of many Japanese toilets that can turn your focus away from your daily constitutional faster than you can say “hai”. Heaven forbid you should find yourself in a stinky washroom that happens to house only “squatty toilets” cause then you have to get CLOSER to the stink to get your business over with. Click here for a squatty tutorial. Alright this has turned into a poop story, time to cut it short.

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