Thursday, July 27, 2006

11 weeks

It's been quite a week of firsts for Keenan. On Saturday he managed to hit the tumbler filled with colored beads on his crib gym. He was so pleased that he got the light to flash and the music to play! He went on to hit it another 3 or 4 times. Then at dinnertime he was in his bouncy chair next to the table as Sean and I were to about to sit down and have dinner and I noticed Keenan staring at his hands for the first time. It was like some sort of religious revelation! He just sat there flinging his hands about and tracking them with a very serious expression on his face. I grabbed the camera and this photo is of Keenan within minutes of his discovery. Last night he slept for the longest stretch so far...a little over 6 hours! Yippee for mom and dad! He got up at 4 and 6 am to be changed and fed but other than that he didn't make a peep. This morning after his bath I was rocking him to sleep and just before he closed his eyes he very slowly reached out and put his hand on my mouth. I was so verklempt! It's the first time he's made an effort to make physical contact with me (besides breastfeeding of course!). Wow, what a feeling to see him in control of his little arm and hand. I smoothered him in kisses and we had a little giggle fest together! Another thing he's been doing this week is drooling. Drooling, drooling and more drooling! God, I hope he's not prematurely teething!

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