Friday, July 14, 2006

8 weeks

Hypnotic bunnies
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Keenan has now totally gotten over his hate for being naked and totally loves bath time. He still doesn’t like the apr├Ęs bath sensation of being cold and is very vocal about it but that is quickly remedied by wrapping him in his quilt or fleece robe. Fun seems to be a concept he’s starting to appreciate. He loves it when you manipulate his legs into running and swimming actions and he really gets a charge out of kicking water in the tub and being bounced from your knee to great heights. He still can’t quite hold his head up all by himself but really takes every opportunity to try to do so. His vision has improved greatly and he has no problem tracking us from across the room. He can now also totally focus on his current most prized possession. His usagi-chan (bunny babies) mobile that gramma bought him. He absolutely loves it and can lie under it and listen to the music and watch the bunnies go around for…I think the record is about 40 minutes. He coo’s and talks to it and has himself a grand old time! This mobile has bought me precious minutes to catch a quick lunch, take a pee, put the laundry on the line and attend to many other things that require two hands. Thanks again Pat for such an awesome gift! Keenan’s hair is getting really long and is still that lovely strawberry blond. Not too much has fallen out except at the sides just back from his temples and strangely the middle section of his eyebrows are coming in black! That should prove to be an interesting look in the coming weeks!

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