Monday, September 25, 2006

For Keenan: Your first car!

Keenan's first car
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Written on September 11, 2006...

You were such a good boy on the drive home from Sapporo yesterday! You were a little wingey to start but it was nothing my singing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star for 30 minutes couldn’t take care of! You slept all the way to Hidaka (about 2 hours) where we got out for a pee break for me, a diaper change for you, a bit of walking around and the purchase of a very hard to find Domo charm (for me of course!). Then we continued on until the rest stop with the gigantic papermache-like bear. We had lunch there. I had a cheese sando, ume juice and a Yubari melon softo and you had two boobies. It was here that I bought you your first car. It’s hand carved from wood and I have visions of you scuffing up the hardwood and wearing out the knees of your pants as you push it along the floor in your little hand in a few months! You're a pretty lucky little boy. I didn’t get my first Japanese made car until I was 34!

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