Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Dear ( Iamjustcheckingtoseeifurereadingthis...),

We can celebrate good times a lot sooner than you think my friend as we're COMING HOME FOR CHRISTMAS! That's right! We land in Ottawa on Dec 14 and we leave on Jan 13. We'll be in the Soo for a good chunk of time in the middle but we definately intend on making at least a day trip to Montreal.

By the way, not only do I read your blog on a regular basis but I also know how to spell (Iamjustcheckingtoseeifurreadingthis)!

Love you and we'll be seeing the 3 of you soon!

PS-Put that paddle in the water a few times for me before the lakes freeze up. Can't wait to learn the ropes of family kayaking with you guys.

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Carmanah said...

That is an outstanding news. Montreal will await the important Japanese delegation... ;)