Sunday, July 01, 2007

Happy Birthday Canada!

Today is Canada’s 140th birthday and we celebrated by going to the Friends of the World Festival at the Tokachi International Relations Center. There was lots of dancing, singing, games, socializing and general good fun. But the best part is that folks from all over the world set up food stands and offered up a taste of their home countries culinary fare. So yesterday we tried fried plantains from Ghana, curry and rice from Peru, Lemongrass soup from Myanmar and salad rolls from Egypt. Yummy yum yum! During our lunch we were treated to an earthquake while sitting on the grass. A truly strange feeling indeed! After lunching with Bret, Sara and Gwendolyn we headed over to Memuro Park for an all-afternoon BBQ. We’ve come to really love this little weekend ritual with Bret and Sara. It was especially nice to have Jonah who is visiting from Vienna and who is on his way to work in Tokyo for the summer, Katie and Kajsa stop in for a wee bit too. After that we went home and Dan and his family came by to buy Sean’s bike and a few other house hold items. We had a pretty good day all in all but can’t wait to be part of the big Canada Celebrations in Ottawa next year.

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Carmanah said...

We can't wait to celebrate it with you either... I was in Hull yesterday to help move Michelle. I did not take part in the celebrations. I am keeping mysfelf for you guys!

Happy CDay. C U SOON!