Monday, April 27, 2009

Tell me why I don't like Mondays

By sleeping standards, last night was a short night. Keenan got up at 2:15 am to "read", ummm, you're like not even 3! He read for about an hour then started in with the questions. Mooooommmmm? Why dat guy do dat? The spider bite him? I didn't get up, Sean did. Sometime around 3:30 am he came back to bed. The house was dark and Keenan was asleep. "He was hungry, so I gave him an early breakfast". This happens to us many times a month. The kid is growing at a crazy rate and we simply can't cram enough food into him.

So, the alarm clock goes off at 6:30 am. The only motivational factor for getting up is the forcasted temp will be 29 C. Oh my, what sandals to wear today?! I get up, get ready, Sean gets in the shower and I head into Keenan's room to get his clothes ready. Seconds later I hear our bedroom door slam and Keenan walks in talking away to himself. I go to head back into our room but our door is locked. No problem. I'll just run downstairs and grab a paper clip and poke it in the handle to unlock the door. Wait, oh shit. It's a keyed lock and we weren't given a key for that door when we moved in. Thank the Gods, Keenan shut the door from our hallway and not our room or he would have been locked in our bedroom. After that initial horror washes over me the very real implications of being locked out of our bedroom sink in. The cat is downstairs but her liter box is in the sun room off our bedroom. Wonder if she can make it all day? Then the big one hits. I did all the laundry yesterday and dutifully folded it all neat and tidy and put the full baskets of clean clothes in our room. Sean is in the shower and basically has his dirty boxers on the bathroom floor and a towel to wear to work. I tell Sean, he cuts his shower short. I call Roberto our landlord and leave a message. Sean grabs the toolbox and starts to take apart the doorknob. I get Keenan dressed, start on breakfast and try Roberto again. I get him this time. "There's a keyed lock on that door?" Silence from me. "I'll be over in 15 minutes." So he comes over and Sean greats him at the door in a towel. "Whoa, buddy you look pretty good half naked!" My Sean is possibly the most modest and non-confrontational person I have ever known. If looks could burn Roberto would be fried to the core.

In less than 5 minutes it was all over. I ran Keenan over to daycare, came back picked up Sean and we still made it to work with 5 minutes to spare. All that excitement before 8 am no less!

Sean wanted me to add that this day came to a lovely end when he cooked his first steak on his brand new BBQ. It was "exquisite" he said with a sigh. I have personally just uncapped an icy Negra Modelo which I will slowly and blissfully nurse until this day is done.

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