Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Mom! Dad! I got dressed all by myself!

For the record, yesterday was the first time Keenan got dressed, on his on accord and without any assistance or prompting but most importantly "all by himself"!  With his shorts on backwards and likely without a fresh pair of undies on his butt he came tearing into our bedroom to declare his first independent act of both picking out his clothes and then putting them on.  All.  By. Himself.  It truly was a really big deal for him.  And for us too.  We've been dealing with the "no, I'll do it all by myself" stuff for the last couple of weeks and he often picks the more dangerous stuff like cooking eggs or driving the car.  Dressing oneself is much less of a hazard than the other two when you're all of four years old!  I guess this means the start of wacky outfits, mismatched socks and inside out t-shirts.  Makes me want to buy all sorts of kooky stuff to fill his dresser just for the entertainment value!  Pictures surely to follow.

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