Friday, January 27, 2012

Winter vacation - Day 5

Sean woke up with a man cold so we took Keenan to his snowboard camp, picked up some lozenges, went back to our room, cranked up the fire place and stayed in bed all morning and into the early afternoon. We ate bowls of oatmeal in bed, had coffee in bed and watched sinful amounts of American cable television in bed. We're strictly CBC tv people and I personally haven't had cable piped into my house since 1994 so being a captive audience to all the nut job reality programs being offered up as entertainment can be a little transfixing. For example, we spent 3 hours in a row watching a show called Miami Animal Police. Which technically could be a feel good type program but then you start to wonder how many people in a small region can have such a poor understanding of pet ownership that a tv network can actually develop that particular concept into consistent content? Then there's the endless advertisements for shows like Swamp People, Mud Cats, Hillbilly Handfishin', Mud Cats, Ax Men, Pit Bulls ans Parolee's, Doomsday Preppers and one on tracking Samsquanch I didn't quite catch the name of. Who comes up with this stuff? Certainly not Hillbilly's or Parolee's. I doubt the same watch it either. I just find the whole parody of American lower to middle class folks to be a little too much to tolerate.

Finally Sean dragged his butt out of bed and hit the hill. I went to sneak a peek at Keenan which was a good thing as he was really pooped and not even on his board. I took him off the instructor's hands, we went back to our room, had a snack and drink and then headed over to the huge indoor play area called "the Fun Zone". Keenan has been bugging us to go there since we arrived so it seemed like a good day to oblige. The place is pretty cool, it's filled with bouncy castles, mini putt , obstacle courses, a giant slide, video games, ping pong and the list goes on. It took Keenan less than 3 minutes to get a nose bleed. Poor kid! I got him all cleaned up and he was bouncing away again in no time. Sean joined us a little later and I got some hilarious video of those two which I post for all to see once we get back.

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