Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The big reveal

The 3 of us goofing around as usual! by kuckibaboo
The 3 of us goofing around as usual!, a photo by kuckibaboo on Flickr.

We told Keenan about the baby almost two weeks ago.  He was pretty quiet about it at first.  Then I said "the baby's in mommies tummy right now you know" and that's when it hit him right proper.  He jumped up and put his hands on either side of my tummy and said "hello, can you hear me in there"?  It was truly priceless and he was truly surprised! He clearly wants a brother and he's been forewarned that well, it could go either way.  It's mostly because of him we're going to find out before the baby is born whether it's a boy or a girl.  We figure if it's a girl it'll give him 5 ish months to get used to the idea!

First point of business after he found out was to FaceTime with Tom and Pat to share the good news.  He very excitedly announced we were having a baby then we started discussing names.  His suggestions?  Bobby-Joe, it's great cause it will work for a boy or a girl!  If that's not good then it could be Medusa for a girl or Hercules for a boy!  Tom did confirm that as far as he is aware there has not been a Medusa, Hercules or BJ O'Flanagan, at least in recent history anyways!

You know, I've invested a lot of time in questioning the timing of this new baby and for a lot of reasons, more than I care to list here.  I do however think this is the best timing for Keenan.  He's doing well in school, he seems genuinely happy about having a sibling on the way and we've had the last 7 years to really know what he's all about without having to split our attention with other kids.

I'm really looking forward to these next 5 months.  Living in anticipation of our new arrival but also enjoying this last bit of time as a family of three.

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