Thursday, September 15, 2005

Blue yes, but sometimes not so clear or easy!

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So I bought the Clear Blue Easy test. Bought two in fact as I knew I would somehow bungle the testing process. Saturday ended up being too busy but I was up bright and early on Sunday morning (August 21). There I am perched on the toilet, test in one hand, instructions in the other trying to ready my swollen bladder for it's most meaningful urination! In my mind and possibly out loud I'm saying "easy does it, slow and steady". This is where I need to break in to tender some advice. The instructions give you two options. Peeing directly on the strip or peeing in a cup and then dipping the strip. Just go directly to the second option. I had the pressure of a friggin' fire hose (something I've since learned comes with pregnancy) and I basically destroyed the first test. This is when Sean stepped in. He re-read the instructions and we ended up doing the dip option with the second test which was far more civilized and a lot less messy. Most importantly though was that we had a positive result pretty much right away. Two blue lines. Wow! We did it! Such wonderful news but such a shame to get it while seated on the crapper! Ladies, we definately need to call for some sort of technological update there!

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