Monday, October 31, 2005

Is that stink coming from MY pits?

There's lots of really wonderful emotions and physical changes that come along with being pregnant. There's also some really gross things you "turn into" pretty much over night. I turned into stink. One morning around week 6 or 7 I was busy cleaning up about the apartment and I noticed there was a nasty smell following me around. It could be likened to the teen stink that fills the locker room of let's say a group of junior high aged boys that have just come off the ice after a high energy hockey practice (but you never stank Tony!). Sean rarely gets BO, he has freakishly only gone through 2 sticks of antiperspirant in the 7 or so years we've lived together. And yes, I keep track of his pit stick use because I do indeed find it freakish. To my horror the stink was coming from the very pits under my arms. I showered later in the day and gave the 'ol underarms a good scrub with the wash cloth. That oughta do 'er. Afterwards, I was drying my pits and when I rubbed the towel back and forth I could smell the stink again. It didn't wash off! It was like I had scratch and sniff stink pits. Soon enough Sean started to make comments and he quickly learned that the topic was NOT open for discussion or further comment. "You wouldn't want to make me cry about this would you?". I continued to try to deal with it but nothing I tried would make it stop. My antiperspirant was "absorbed" by my skin and in minutes it was like I had never put any on. I tried Sean's, strong enough for a man so it must be strong enough for a pregnant woman. Apparently not. I decided no matter what I wouldn't cry about this and in the end I don't think I did but then again I can't remember. The stink just packed up and left on September 22 which was a mercy as it was the day before I was packed and leaving for a 24 hour showerless flight to Ottawa. I've been stinkless about 5 weeks now and Sean and I couldn't be happier!

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