Wednesday, August 16, 2006

A year ago today…

...driving in the pouring rain on a road thru the Hidaka mountains I felt the first sensations of a life starting to grow inside of me. I knew the test would be positive. My outlook on life would never be the same. There were those few hours before I told Sean what I was feeling and it was such a bizarre point in time, the beginning of the end of just the two of us. As soon as I told Sean we would be on the other side. The side of not just hoping but being. I was calmly excited and I enjoyed those hours of being the only one to know. I felt like I was being afforded a unique time for reflection and I developed a deep sense of appreciation for the road that had brought us to that exact point in time. School, work, travel, love, death, all that couple stuff (the good, the bad, the ugly and the great!), great friends, awesome family, personal growth and now we were be given the one thing that nobody else could give us but ourselves (and possibly divine intervention?!) the beginnings of a family. How truly miraculous indeed!

Fast forward a year and here we are with Keenan and we’re already talking about when we’re going to have the next baby. I’m pleased to be one step ahead of the folks back home on that question for once! The best part for me is that the second one was always a big “if”. I wasn’t really sure I could handle being a mom and now I realize it might possibly be the best job on earth.

Written on August 15

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