Saturday, August 12, 2006

13 Weeks/3 Months

Keenan Mosaic
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Dearest Keenan,

Happy 3 months birthday! The last 3 months have gone by so quickly. All of a sudden you’ve become curious, engaging, talkative and mobile in your own rolling little ways! We love to sit and listen to you babble on in Keenan speak. You are so emphatic that at times your words come out in high pitched yips or bubbling raspberries. And when you are serious your brow furrows exactly the same way as your daddy’s. You fall asleep in our arms so easily and you definitely would rather snuggle with us than be put down. I love that feeling of having your warm little body cradled in my arms. I could stare into your face for hours while I hold you. You like to sleep stretched out and on your side but you would rather sleep on your tummy if only your mommy and daddy would let you. We’re in the process of moving you into your crib for most of the night and it’s a hard thing for me to do but it’s just too hot and cramped to have us in the same bed all night. Plus you have a habit of thrashing about from 4 until 7 and you kick off your covers and MINE! Last week you started hanging onto my clothes when carried and you now keep your head held high when we’re walking about. For some reason this past week you cry when we put you in your car seat but you’re still happy to fall asleep or watch the landscape blur by as we’re moving. You are 100% breast fed which is a battle we both won with tears. It was really hard in the first month. You preferred sleeping to eating and when you did eat you didn’t suck hard enough which caused my milk supply to decrease. I’m sorry if you felt hungry at times but it was that hunger that spurned you on to learn how to suck properly which brought my milk supply back up. I celebrate every one of your quabbles and creases as a victory of motherhood.

You have an adorable little round tummy but really narrow hips so it’s been hard to get the next size of diapers to stay on. The only problem is you were still wearing infant diapers but not having infant sized poops! Well congrats, you wore your last infant diaper last week and have no problem filling the next size up now! Your eyes are still blue though somewhat darker and leaning more towards grey now. You have an ever-growing amount of chins and quabbles and yesterday daddy noticed for the first time that you have dimples on your elbows! Your hair is still the loveliest strawberry blond and it looks like your new hair is coming in the same color or a little blonder. At this point you haven’t lost too much of it, only on the sides and you don’t have that bald patch at the back of your head either. What you do have on the back of your head is the exact same birthday as your daddy. You have strong hands with long fingers and adorable feet that are big like daddy’s but with my toes! By the grace of God you managed to end up with my long torso and your daddy’s long legs (daddy long legs ha-ha!) instead of the other way around (short legs, short body). At this point you look pretty much like your daddy, which I’m ok with ‘cause you know, you are a boy! I do see myself in you in a lot of ways. You have my nose, mouth, chin and exact replica’s of my big toes!

In an effort to keep you cool this week I was wiping you down with a wet face cloth and you grabbed it and put it in your mouth. Now you’re starting to put other things in your mouth like our fingers and your rattles. Soon everything you encounter will be similarly tasted. It is truly fascinating to watch you explore your world. From the people you meet to the most ordinary everyday objects, everything is regarded with the same wonderment. I can only imagine the kinds of things you’re going to get into over the next 3 months!

Happy 3 months on the outside wee boy! I am so looking forward to watching you grow and learn.

All my love,

Mommy oxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

***Thanks to Sara who made the Keenan mosaic of photo’s from the last 3 months. We love you Auntie Sara!!!***


Anonymous said...

We love you too (Me and Auntie Butt)!!! Watching little Keenan go from being part of PregNancy to the funny little guy he already is has been amazing, and I am so glad to get to be a part of your lives while it is happening. Thank you so much for sharing him!

Auntie Sara

Anonymous said...

And thanks for keeping this blog! You keep us up to date on his latest news. This last post you left was very moving, and I think each post will be something you will treasure--looking back and seeing who he was at different moments in his life. And we all get to read along!
-Auntie Sara (again!)