Thursday, October 11, 2007

Breathing again

It has been too long since I last posted. I almost feel as though I should be starting out with "Forgive me Father for I have sinned". I've felt both guilt and frustration for not having written anything in the past two months. Poor old blog it's served me so well for so long and well to be quite honest I've felt a little over stressed for not having my usual written word release in my life.

Here's the deal...once we hit Canadian soil again my brain went into hyper overdrive...where will we live? Will we be able to find daycare? If so, can we afford it? Do we need a car? If so, can we afford car insurance? Where will we live? Will we both find jobs we like? Will our jobs and daycare mesh or will the 3 of us never be in the same room until we take Keenan off to preschool? Will we feel reverse culture shock? If so, what the heck will that be like? Will Jose and Tony really be able to put up with the Japan O'Flanagans? Will we pine endlessly for Japan and our friends? So many "ifs" and questions and I haven't even listed them all.

Well, one of the "Big 3" has finally been answered. I am now employed full time. So, I am now officially breathing again. The world looks so different when you breathe and let big chunks of stress roll down your back. Actually 2 of the "Big 3" have been struck from the list as Sean landed an awesome job less than 3 weeks after we got back. You won't find the job details here but Sean has and I will post them to Facebook. Now the last piece of the puzzle needs to fall into place...daycare for Keenan. That's my most pressing task right now. Then a car, then a home and then we can officially promote ourselves to the level of Ottawa O'Flanagans (would that be O'ttawagans then?)

Now that I've got the whole job thing sorted out I can reinvest a wee portion my energies in some "me" time again. I just couldn't relax enough up until now. And now I'm so wound up it's gonna take me a while to come back down. First step is to come back here and that's the only expectation I have of myself at this time. I'd like to do some catching up. Write a bit about Tokyo and Kamakura, the trip back to Canada and what we've done, seen and felt since we've been back. We don't have high speed internet so there will be no photo's until we move into the city. I'll just have to paint a more detailed picture with my words.

It feels good to be back. I particularily like the inhaling and exhaling part. Peace.

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Betenoir said...

Ottawanagans. for definite.

glad to hear things are going well...keep breathing, and also eating cake. Cake is good for stress.