Monday, October 15, 2007

That Bruce Springsteen sure knows how to put on a good rock concert!

What a great show! As long as I've known Sean he's gone on about how fantastic Bruce Springsteen concerts are and last night I finally got the opportunity to experinence one for myself. Even though I thought the venue had some piss poor acoustics and therefore the sound was a bit echo-y it was amazing to see such a legend perform so easily along side his friends aka the E Street band. Before the show I had asked Sean "Who's opening tonight?" and Sean looked at me like there was a microwave tower growing from between my eyebrows and cooly replied "No. One. Opens. For. Bruce." Ok then! There was however a pretty cool surprise when Arcade Fire came out to perform State Trooper alongside Bruce and the band. It was actually freakin' awesome. Then they did one of their own tracks which I wasn't fond of. But I think in the beginning the youngins were a little rattled by the caliber of their hosts so I'll cut them some slack. They did manage to pick it up near the middle again. Apparently Bruce really likes Arcade Fire and he and the E Street Band provided flawless back up. I usually like my Echo and the Bunneymen type music sung by Echo and the Bunneymen but this time around it worked really well and the crowd went wild. As Arcade Fire left the stage he thanked them and said "What could be better than that?" and then they launched into Born to Run followed by Dancing in the Dark. Well now, there you go. The show was a little short by Bruce Springsteen standards (a little over 2 hours) but they're not spring chickens anymore and they never stopped moving on the stage the whole time. And man can that guy sing. I don't know how he can move around so much and still belt it out so clearly. Like I touched on before it's amazing to see a group of folks performing so well together. They communicate in a way that only long time partners can and the result is night of extremely passionate and energetic music.

It was a great show to get Sean and I launched back into one of our favorite pass times which is going to see music performed live. The last concert we went to was Ben Harper in 2003. We went thru a real painfull dry spell in Japan. Many more millions of thanks to my big sis for securing the tickets for us and for watching Keenan while we were out.

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