Sunday, February 14, 2010

Beware of explainations starting with "It was an accident..."

I went to bed late last night.  My sister was over and after she left Keenan woke up coughing and claiming there was a giant spider in his room so he couldn't be on the floor or the bed.  So we crawled into mommy and daddy's bed around 12:15 am and fell into a cozy, spider-free sleep.  I seem to remember Sean lifting Keenan out of our bed around 5 am.  He recently borrowed the Batman XBox game from Kev at work so he was likely up late chasing nutbars around Arkham Asylum.  I woke up in a bit of a haze and totally alone this morning which means Sean ended up sleeping in Keenan's bed and Keenan must have slept with me and then he went downstairs to play.  I got up, got dressed and then Keenan came upstairs to tell me that "It was an accident, there's water all over the kitchen floor mommy, I was trying to clean the fridge".  "How bad can it be?" I thought to myself.  In my attempt to rush to the kitchen sink tap to turn it off I slipped and nearly cracked my head open on the table.  The floor was half covered in water. Our son had built an aquaduct from the tap, over the edge of the counter, across the top of a chair and the water was cascading down onto the chair seat and to the floor.  It was literally 2 inches from the wall where it would have surely  leaked down into the basement.  To be quite honest the setup was quite an accomplishment for a kid his size and in hindsight I'm sad I didn't take a picture of it.  I did however seize the moment and I poured cleaner all over the floor and mopped the whole mess up.

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