Saturday, February 27, 2010

It is found! Darth Vader's head is once again upon his little Lego shoulders!

A couple of weekends ago Sean exposed Keenan to his first non Duplo sized Lego set, an Anniversay edition of Darth's Vader's TIE fighter.  I bought the set for Sean a couple of years ago and he's held off on opening the box until Keenan was old enough to "appreciate it".  An out of practice Sean toiled for about an hour to complete the TIE fighter.  Keenan thought it was cool but he clearly favoured Lord Vader and his bitty light saber.  So Sean tucked the fighter up on the top shelf where we keep all the other stuff Keenan is forbidden to touch but Keenan kept Vader to himself.  Within a few hours a very sad and apologetic Keenan approached Sean to tell him that a certain tiny Lego head somehow rolled 15 feet across the floor and fell down the register grate.  However unbelievable the story was Keenan's attitude lead us to believe that it was simply one hell of an unfortunate accident.  Sean was an understanding as possible given the circumstances but inevitably there were cuss words and in short order the shop vac was deployed.  All manner of grossness was sucked into the canister but after careful, archeological style sorting, Vader's head was nowhere to be found.  Until today.  Keenan found  Darth Vader's head in the corner of the room under a cushion.  There was much rejoicing, a round of high fives and then Sean ceremoniously reunited Vader's head with his body.  He now resides on the top shelf, safely tucked into his TIE fighter until Keenan turns 21.

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